Vlog #2 | Wicker Park in Chicago, Illinois | Filmed July 20, 2021

Good Morning from Wicker Park! Today I planned on doing a Wicker Park Walking tour, but when it was already too warm and late in the morning I decided to go on a Wicker Park Cruise (driving) instead. I picked up breakfast at Stan’s Donuts & Coffee, then had lunch at Small Cheval. I tried a Frozen Hot Chocolate and a Chocolate Long John from Stan’s & tried both the Cheeseburger & Plant Based Burger from Small Cheval.

Unfortunately it was too warm to comfortably do anything else, so I went home & ended filming for the day. I also forgot to film an outro (sorry!). I contemplated not uploading this, but I want to be completely honest in my explorations around Chicago and that’s even when I go home. I hope you enjoy the shorter video.

Thanks for joining me today! I’ll see you on the next episode.


⏲ Time Stamps:

00:00 Start
00:26 Introduction
00:56 Cruise Through Wicker Park to Stan’s Donuts
01:18 Arriving at Stan’s Donuts
02:55 Driving Through Wicker Park to Small Cheval
03:45 Arriving at Small Cheval
04:13 Ending

🗺 Where We Went:
📍 Wicker Park Area
📍 Stan’s Donuts & Coffee
📍 Small Cheval

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