15:53 Brief New York travel guide information
3:03 The molestation story/inappropriate touching
21:07 I talk about the prescription drug theft story

I talk about my trip from Chicago, IL on Harrison Street to the New York, NY Port Authority Station. I give tips along with personal stories I experienced while riding on the buses, including bed bugs, roaches, inappropriate behavior, prescription drog addicts, theft, I witnessed somebody stealing and more.

You will learn how to ride the Greyhound, how to sign on the WIFI, how to use the plugs, rules while in the station, hacks, tips and more. I also witnessed a theft of someone stealing from another passenger’s bag.

You will see street shots of Chicago, New York, Toledo, South Bend, Gary, Cleveland, Pittsburg, New York City, NY, Upstate, Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, Binghampton

This is all my opinion. Trailways. Bus ride from hell.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEt6wN90n78 – News Story About Roaches On The Greyhound.

More info on Darkside of Riding A Greyhound Bus & Tips (Bed Bugs, Dirt, Theft, Addicts, Inappropriate Touching)

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