Begin in Morris, IL east on I-80 to I-55, then I-55 north into Chicago, through city streets to delivery in Chicago-getting a rare treat to see the actual delivery. Then back on city streets to I-90, taking the Dan Ryan Expressway to the Chicago Skyway, and the Chicago Skyway to Indiana, taking the Indiana Toll Road to IN 912 and south to I-80. A wrong turn takes us west on I-80 back into Illinois briefly to turn around east and back into Indiana to -65. Then south on I-65 to Indianapolis, then I-74 east towards Cincinnati, entering Ohio to get on I-275, then I-275 around Cincinnati, going back into Indiana briefly and then across the Ohio River into Kentucky then I-75 south to Walton, KY.

Trip: Denver, CO-Greeley, CO-Chicago, IL-Walton, KY(1374 miles)

Trucking in America. Reality and Slow TV in its original and truest form.

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