mHUB, a leading independent innovation center for HardTech and manufacturing, launched its accelerator program in 2021 with an inaugural cohort focused on smart manufacturing. The 6-month program culminated in a Demo Day event that welcomed investors, corporate partners, and other innovators interested in the development of disruptive HardTech to the innovation center in Chicago.

Join the inaugural IIoT cohort on its 6-month journey, starting with Demo Day and looking back on the course of the program.

Take a deeper dive with three of the cohort startups (~10:15): Stroma, Compocket, and Just Air. Their founders and CEOs share more about their technologies as well as their favorite tools and resources in the mHUB innovation center and prototyping labs.

It’s projected that Industrial IoT technologies will reach a market size of roughly trillion by 2025 to meet the needs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The 2021 IIoT Cohort of the mHUB accelerator program is rising to the occasion.

The 2021 IIoT Cohort includes:

Ant Robotics

Ascent Integrated Technologies




Maxwell Labs


Third Wave

Learn more about the mHUB accelerator portfolio

Thank you to the 2021 IIoT Cohort program sponsors:



About the mHUB accelerator:

mHUB is a leading independent hardtech and manufacturing innovation center that exists to convene the entrepreneurial ecosystem around physical product innovation to ensure that the manufacturing industry continues to accelerate, grow and thrive.


More info on What 6-months of Startup Acceleration Looks Like. Follow IIoT Founders on mHUB Accelerator Journey

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