It’s time to move my car collection into a private garage! Join me to visit a number of mancaves at the Iron Gate Motor Condos in Chicago to seek some inspiration and get some ideas for what I could do. The Ford GT, Senna and more will be finding home in a cave / museum / vault type set up, now comes the planning stage to decide what that will be like.

My cars currently live in a supercar storage in London which is private but still shared with other owners and doesn’t leave space for personalisation. Having now been fortunate to visit many private collections around the world, the idea of creating a mancave for myself where the GT, Senna and more can be displayed has become increasingly more appealing.

Each and every such collection is unique, in terms of the cars that are part of the collection but also the style in which they are presented. The Iron Gate Motor Condos in Chicago is a facility home to many such garages as part of a larger motor enthusiast community. A number of condo owners very kindly invited me to visit their units to see the collections and manners in which they have been set up, of course providing plenty of inspiration towards what I might like to do with mine back home. We can go from modern, bright and minimalist through to rustic 1960s style workshop, via a London pub lounge area along the way. The themes vary from painted walls, to memorabilia throughout, as well as totally unique ideas that haven’t crossed my mind before.

The time has been long coming as my own collection has been growing and with permanent cars now in my garage including the Ford GT, McLaren Senna, McLaren 675LT Spider, Aston Martin Vantage GT8, Ford Focus RS Heritage Edition and more inbound, as well as the cars that are also in the garage shorter term. As soon as I am back I’ll be trying to find the right place that can fit my ideas and start getting to work.

A big thanks to the team at Iron Gate Motor Condos, the owners of the condos I visited, and particularly to the owner of the first collection for the invitation to visit and take a look around.

Thanks for watching, Tim


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