Welcome to episode 7 of the Leeap Startup Documentary – Chicago’s startup community is booming with over .45 billion of VC/angel investment raised in 2011, it also boasts the countries largest co-working space (1871) and is host to one of the most prestigious startup accelerators in America (Excelerate Labs). Chicago also has a trump card in it’s deck of tricks, in the form of local government. Mayor Rahm Emanuel is hugely respected for his tireless involvement with and support of the startup scene – a rare asset indeed.


1) Describe the startup community in Chicago
Kevin Willer (https://twitter.com/kwiller) – 1:05
Mike McGee (https://twitter.com/michaelmcgee) – 1:43
Maria Katris (https://twitter.com/mariakatris) – 2:35

2) Local support networks for entrepreneurs
Len Kendall (https://twitter.com/LenKendall) – 3:33
Melissa Joy Kong (https://twitter.com/melissajoykong) – 4:25

3) How has the startup scene developed?
Chris McLaughlin (https://twitter.com/saltandmarrow) – 5:23
George Bousis & Bradley Wasz (https://twitter.com/bradwasz) – 5:55

4) What’s next for Chicago?
Mike McGee – 7:50
Kevin Willer – 8:12
Melissa Joy Kong – 8:50

5) What could be improved?
Adam Haun (https://twitter.com/adam_haun) – 10:12
Len Kendall – 11:51

6) Finally…why should entrepreneurs consider Chicago?
Maria Katris – 12:37
George Bousis & Bradley Wasz – 13:36

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