Brian Luersson is the Co-Founder of Draftbit & General Partner at LongJump. Draftbit is a Chicago Startup that helps create, customize, and launch mobile apps all from a browser, with source code included. LongJump is a Chicago-based founder-led fund that invests in the next generation of entrepreneurs. They offer funding, connections, and community to help creators take the first steps toward developing scalable, fast-growing businesses.

In this episode, we covered:
1. The Origin of Draftbit
2. Low-Code & No-Code Businesses
3. Balancing Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital
4. Founder-Lead Venture Capital
5. The Chicago Startup Circle

And much more…. Please Enjoy!

You can find Brian on Linkedin & Twitter, Draftbit on their website, Linkedin, & Twitter, and LongJump on their website, Linkedin, & Twitter.

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More info on Brian Luerssen @ Draftbit & LongJump on Founder-Led VC, Chicago Startup Scene , and Low-Code/No-Code

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