CHICAGO, IL— Anthemos Georgiades, CEO of the San Francisco-based rental platform company named Zumper, may soon be using his own website to find a place to live in the Windy City. The company, which matches landlords with potential clients, has set its sights set on the Midwest, and announced plans to expand into the Chicago market by the end of the year.

Zumper is currently established in two cities — New York and San Francisco. Moving into Chicago would allow them to expand their customer base. Georgiades says that Chicago is the third-largest market in the country for apartment rentals.

Zumper’s technology is simple and easy to use. Upon entring the webite large map of city selected by the user reveals dots where available rental apartments are located and the number of them available.

By clicking on the dot, the cost and photos of the unit appears.

Eventually, the site will include curated content about the neighborhoods where the rentals are located scrolled into a newsfeed feature similar to the one created by Facebook.

“All of these neighborhood listings appear in your newsfeed,” says Giorgiades. “So, just like Facebook has a newsfeed, we built ours around the concept of just showing you the listings that matter to you in the neighborhoods you love.”

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