I’m a 23 year old, recent graduate working at a high growth startup! Though I work remotely full time out of Houston, I visit New York City every 2-3 months. This time, I’m with my brother and we spend a week together dog sitting for a friend. We’ll walk you through a day in our lives as we hang out and work in the city.

You’ll see my usual day-to-day routine working in person, from coding and debugging sessions to casual hangouts and lunches with coworkers. And you’ll get to see the beautiful city of New York!

Follow along for insights into the tech industry, all things startup, and what to expect as a recent-grad remote software engineer.

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Edgar Sandoval Jr – last few months
Edgar Sandoval Jr – PERFECT TIMING
juno – come thru (ft. midwxst)
Edgar Sandoval Jr – NEVER GON DIE

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