⚡️ America’s Birthday Feast 🇺🇸
📍 @portilloshotdogs (Ontario/Clark)
🌭 Hot Dog, Jumbo Dog, Maxwell Street Style Polish Dog, Italian Sausage
🍔 Double Bacon Cheeseburger
🍟 Cheese Fries
🥪 Big Italian Beef ⭐️
🥐 Breaded Chicken Croissant .
🥩 Half Slab Ribs ⭐️
🍝 Lasagna w/ garlic bread
💭 With the kind of food and variety, we knew the perfect place to celebrate America would be Portillo’s. Portillo’s started as a Chicago icon. A staple. A landmark. A classic. But due to expansion is becoming an American Legend. What started with a “Dog House” back in 1963 has gone commercial with its extensive menu. No more just serving hot dogs and burgers. They got pasta, ribs, sandwiches, wraps and SALADS 🤯 To us, this is no longer fast food but fast casual. The menu is just too big and they try to do too much. While we appreciate the recommendation from @mr.eats305 and @max_vs_food , we don’t recommend this place for people visiting Chicago. We put a ⭐️ next to items we recommend. The Italian beef is respectable, but their giardiniera seemed more commercial than Al’s. Portillo’s claims their Italian beef is #1 in Chicago, so does Al’s. A true bite for bite, Al Ferrari vs Dick Portillo battle seems to be the only way to tell (future video). @stickaforkinme will have to explain why this would be her last dying meal 🤔 Long story short, good but overhyped. If you made it this far you’re the real MVP and go COMMENT👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼IF YOU HAD ONE LAST MEAL, WHERE WOULD YOU GO?

More info on We ate 9,000 calories of food at Portillo’s (downtown Chicago)

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