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On today’s episode, I wanted to show you guys two of the many Chinese restaurants here in Chicago’s Chinatown.

1. MingHin Cuisine – dimsum.
Dimsum is a style of Chinese cuisine prepared as small portions of food usually served in small steamer baskets or on small plates. I love going for DimSum brunch on the weekends – you get to sample a good variety of food without breaking the bank.

One of my favorite Dimsum is 金酥流沙包 or baked creamy egg yolk on MingHin’s menu. It’s basically a Molten salted egg custard steamed bun. These buns have a flowing molten filling instead of the traditional firm custard filling, which is what makes this dish unique and difficult to replicate at home. The outside is a sweet crust and the inside is the flowing molten salted egg custard! Super yummy, best eaten fresh of course!

2. TaiPei Cafe – specializing in Taiwanese street food.
Their milk tea is actually one of the most authentic in this area.
I tried their grass jelly milk tea and black forest mousse. Both were very good and btw the black forest mousse is made with chocolate.
Tastes very similar to Starbucks double chocolate chip frappe.

We also tried the 香辣酥麻鸡 crispy chicken with chili sauce. Kind of wished this was more savory and spicy but it’s pretty crunchy and a good appetizer to go with the cold milk tea!

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