Stories from guests and graduates of the Lincoln Park Community Shelter in Chicago, IL

LPCS Mission Statement

The Lincoln Park Community Shelter brings our community together to empower homeless men and women to make life changes.

LPCS Vision Statement

We will work to become the model for interim housing in Chicago, focusing on attainment of permanent housing for each guest.

We will provide each guest with comprehensive social services, resources and tools to overcome personal and societal barriers in order to attain self-sufficiency.

We will celebrate guests’ daily accomplishments and progress toward long-term goals, continually adapting our services to respond to the changing needs of guests.

LPCS Values

Accountability: The LPCS, its guests, and stakeholders comprise a community of common interest – each group supports and is accountable to the other. The LPCS and its guests are accountable to each other for the success of each individual and programs overall. The LPCS is also accountable to its many volunteers, donors, and the community at large to provide quality programs that enhance the lives of all those involved.

Self-Determination: Guests take ownership of the change process by setting short and long-term goals according to their needs. Guests and staff work in partnership, developing individually tailored programs that enable guests to achieve their goals.

Community Engagement: LPCS, its guests, and its supporters work with Lincoln Park residents, local community organizations, faith communities, and the business community to ensure mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation.

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