Social Confrontation: The Battle of Michigan Ave. shows the events of Wednesday, August 28 at the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention including National Guardsmen detaining protesters, mass arrests near Grant Park, and Mayor Daley cursing at opponents from the convention floor.

This film is part of a seven part module or series (The Urban Crisis and the New Militants), that “teach by raising questions rather than by attempting to answer them.” The modules tell their story through editing rather than voice-over narration and show “real events, with real people acting spontaneously,” as the Group explained to an educational film distributor.

Thanks to release prints of The Urban Crisis and the New Militants donated by Bill Cottle and Mike Gray to CFA and two preservation grants awarded to CFA in 2005 and 2006 by the National Film Preservation Foundation, CFA was able to preserve the entire seven-part series. All release prints and preserved prints currently reside in our FilmGroup Collection. More information on this preservation project can be found here:

Original: 16mm., B&W, Sound, Found in Chicago Film Archives’ Film Group Collection (, Chicago Film Archives manages the rights to this title

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