SCP-1234 is the former premises of “Schmidt’s Swiss Pastries”, a bakery and tea room that operated in Chicago, IL from 1947 to 2003. The interior of SCP-1234 remains fully furnished and possesses working electricity, hot and cold running water, and natural gas. SCP-1234’s ovens and kitchen equipment remain fully functional, though appearing to be in a severe state of disrepair due to age and neglect. All attempts to remove or disconnect SCP-1234’s kitchen equipment or utilities have been unsuccessful.

SCP-1234 will become fully active within no more than 36 hours of the commencement of the warmup phase. To date, active phase has always initiated between the hours of 23:00 and 03:30 local time. Once fully active, SCP-1234’s windows become fully opaque, all doors and windows become completely impenetrable, and all monitoring equipment located within SCP-1234 ceases to function. All attempts to enter SCP-1234 during an active phase have failed and no persons inside SCP-1234 when an active phase commences have been found alive at its conclusion.

Active phase has been documented to last from 4-10 hours, but will always conclude by 09:00 local time. Upon conclusion of active phase, the shelves, counters, tables, and display cases of SCP-1234 will have been stocked with approximately 200-500 freshly baked, shortbread-crust pies designated SCP-1234-1. All instances of SCP-1234-1 measure 22.8 cm in diameter and weigh approximately 0.75 kg each. Pies produced by SCP-1234 will make use of any biological ingredients provided to it, whether living or not at time of event, including fruits and vegetables, non-edible plants, insects, fish, poultry, red meat, and human beings. SCP-1234 will not, however, make use of any ingredients that are spoiled, stale, or are of unsatisfactory condition for use in baking. Instances of SCP-1234-1 will not be recycled into new instances when a new event begins. All instances of SCP-1234-1 are, at time of discovery, cooled to room temperature, contained in a disposable aluminum pie plate, and covered with a transparent plastic lid. Aside from the means by which they are produced, SCP-1234-1 bear no anomalous properties and may be eaten safely providing that the ingredients used in its manufacture are safe to eat.

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