At FCI Chicago, we offer options such as Egg Freezing to help patients preserve their fertility, giving them the best chance possible of having a baby when they are ready or able to take that next step.

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With age, comes problems that usually can’t be stopped. A common problem with women past the age of 35, is infertility, or the inability to reproduce children naturally. With the infertility occurring at such a young age, many women are left with a sad period in life, never being able to know the joyous experience of childbirth. Social Egg Freezing, however, is somewhat different of a method, as social egg freezing deals with infertility as a choice, wanting to wait to have kids until they find the right person to have them with.


Social egg freezing deals with decisions to hinder pregnancy until a suitable partner is found. Usually considered social because it deals with social reasons, like not finding “Mr Right” yet, egg freezing has grown popular with its discovery. This method is currently offered by many countries, like Britain, Netherlands, and the United States.


A female’s eggs are produced in the woman’s ovaries, typically produced once a month. If a woman wants to know how many eggs she currently has, a test can show how many are available through testing the fertility hormone inhibin B. Once an amount of eggs is noted, the women can then opt for freezing the eggs for later use through a professional process called Oocyte cryopreservation, or “egg freezing”. The process starts with doses of IVF or in-vitro fertilization drugs that help stimulate the ovaries to generate a number of eggs within the reproductive sac. Once this occurs, the eggs are fertilized through controlled sperm donations, and then the women are sedated for egg extraction. The eggs are extracted through puncturing the vaginal wall, withdrawing the eggs through a hollow point needle. This process is then followed by freezing the egg, with controlled temperatures until the women want to become pregnant.


The number of benefits available for social egg freezing are astounding, as many of the benefits will help someone who wants to become pregnant at a later time. If a partner is not found, or the current partner is not suitable to be a parent, eggs can be frozen for an indefinite amount of time, meaning when a suitable partner is found, they are available. Although egg freezing may be a costly process for some, in the long run egg freezing has the potential to bring a joyous experience to those who feel they are ready to care for a child.

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