Where to eat in Chicago? What to ear in Chicago? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered. The perfect Chicago Food tour for first time visits!

Giordano’s Pizza: https://bit.ly/3qU2L9Z
Chicago Food Tours: https://bit.ly/3FVS2zX
Lou Malnati’s: https://bit.ly/343E6q8
Al’s Italian Beef: https://bit.ly/3FTBGb7
Portillo’s Hot Dogs: https://bit.ly/3KBbKok
Summer House Restaurant: https://bit.ly/3KAWBTR
Aba Restaurant: https://bit.ly/33XZdu7
Big Star Chicago: https://bit.ly/3fPXAkR

Everything else about Chicago: https://bit.ly/3GUSmjT

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What did you prefer? Traditional Chicago style soul food or fancy restaurants? 🙂

Can’t wait to come back!

x Sandy

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