On this episode of best food we are in Chicago Illinois! Chicago is home to some of the most diverse food options in the country! We take you on a tour of our favorite spots in the city. Let me tell you what Chicago has some amazing food! So many great options to choose from on this episode of best food. We start at Marcel Maison a french brunch spot! We then hit um a delicious Mexican restaurant called Birrieria Zaragoza where they serve goat as the main attraction with some amazing salsa and quesadillas! One of the local favorites is Portillos a fast food joint that has turned into a Midwestern powerhouse! It serves traditional Chicago hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches, burgers, fries, and shakes. We then hit the world-renown Au Cheval burger joint in Chicago that has been award best burger in the country! If you go to Chicago you have to have Deep Dish and our favorite is the original Ginos East which has been running since the 1960s. We finish up with some late-night munchies at Ramen-san a hip noodle spot perfect for late night eats. So many amazing spots to choose from and we know there are a ton of places we could have missed. So tell us what you think is the best food in Chicago below in the comments! Thanks for watching make sure you hit the like button and subscribe so you don’t miss out on any awesome videos we have coming.

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