Season Chicago ends with the biggest meal of the 17 Michelin Star restaurants I visited.  It may have been the best too! This weeks episode finds me, Joel Haas Stoner Food Critic eating over 20 courses of culinary wizardry from the team at Smyth and The Loyalist in Chicago, Illinois. Fantastic experience and show between the food, atmosphere and staff.  I had such a great time this visit that I went to Smyth a second time for my New Years dinner to welcome in 2020. Enjoy the longest, most delicious food packed episode yet…The Chicago Grand Finale at Smyth.

Links to Smyth and over 500 Stoner Approved Restaurants at

Smyth is one of the top of 315 restaurants I visited across America in 2019 as I devoured 600 meals. It was the greatest year of my life.

More info on #709 SMYTH in CHICAGO, IL: World’s First Stoner Food Critic Inhales America’s Top Restaurants & Weed

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