Episode 1: Sk8, Motiv8, Activ8 – Struggles of a Suburban Skate Activist

Paulina Jimenez, Villa Park IL resident, artist and super-mom, becomes this Chicago suburbs most passionate yet unassuming skateboarding advocate. With zero experience in municipal activism, she arms herself with the Tony Hawk Public Skatepark Development Guide and fervently rallies local skateboarders, businesses, and residents to support fundraising efforts for a new community skatepark. Episode 1 of Concrete Dreams profiles Paulina as she enthusiastically navigates the often bumpy road of Village Board meetings, funding sources, and deadlines, all in an effort to create a safe space for her son and the community to skate.

“This series was produced with funding from the Chicago Digital Media Production Fund, a project of The Vocal Fund administered by Chicago Filmmakers.”

Nick Nummerdor

Produced by Little Cabin Films

Paulina Jimenez
Billy Coulon
Catherine Coulon
Stevie “Dread” Snyder

Support your local Skatepark.
For more information visit – publicskateparkguide.org

Support your local Skate Shop.
Visit Motiv8 Skateshop in Villa Park IL.

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Executive Producers:
Nick Nummerdor
Andrew J. Morgan
Mimi Wilcox

Camera & Sound
Nick Nummerdor
Andrew J. Morgan

Mimi Wilcox

Donny Mahlmeister

Additional Talent
Scott Mitchell
Dillon Shea
Manny Demetrius Orr
Karli Craig
Brian Anderson
Joel Anderson
Nicole Anderson
Calvin Krieg
Jasper Kahn
Jeff Syc
JoJo Jones
Matt Larson
Coop Larson
Mark Paulson
Dan Dalziel
Raymond “Doc” Hensley
Motiv8 Skateshop
Oscar Rodriguez
Darby Sutton

Mimi Wilcox

Sound Mix
Mike Koza

Andrew J. Morgan

“This series was produced with funding from the Chicago Digital Media Production Fund, a project of The Vocal Fund administered by Chicago Filmmakers.”

Chicago Digital Media Production Fund 2017 Advisors
Ana Wright
Sarah Rubin
Sophie H. Mannaerts

Additional Footage
Ryan Ferguson – Rock4APark

“Student News Story” (2007)
Erik Kopecky

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“Short Sided” Youtube series – Nollie Bigspin Switch Blunt Revert: Calvin Krieg (2017)
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VP: July 2010 – A Short Skate Film
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Archival Photos
Villa Park Skatepark Committee
Evergreen Skateparks
Paulina Jimenez

Assistant Editing
John Fecile
Nick Nummerdor
Matt Lauterbach
Fielden Nelson

Nick Nummerdor
Mimi Wilcox

Arlen Parsa
Ryan Sarnowski
Fielden Nelson
Matt Lauterbach
Karli Nelson

Evergreen Skateparks
Billy Coulon
Catherine Coulon
Jasper Kahn
Tavita Scanlan
Peter Gunn
Aaron Rawling
Bill Weiss
Noot, Mudd, Hayla, & Jake

Episode 1

“Aluminum Foiled”
Performed by Rough Magic
Donny Mahlmeister
Lost Objects Records – 2017

“I am on a train. I am Struggling to stay awake”
Performed by Reading the Easy TV Way
Joe Miller 2018

“Bug Jar”
Performed by A Tundra
Donny Mahlmeister 2011

“Jam 1”
Performed by Donny and Adam Busch
Donny Mahlmeister

Performed by Dan Mills
Songs from the Vault – Wistia.com

“Slow Down”
Performed by Sulky Driver
Album: A Space Between 2018
Donny Mahlmeister

“The Proscuitt of Hapiness”
Performed by The Shape of
Album: Skateboard Jazz to Come
Donny Mahlmeister – Lost Objects Records – 2017

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