UPDATE 12/18/18: There seems to be a secret behind the letters on the stockings (S, B, S, A, B, T, Q, K) that relates to something major that happened recently. The first person who can correctly comment down the significance of the stockings’ letters before 2019 begins will receive a shoutout on my next video. Hint: Not all of the stockings’ letters are used.

This elevator is part of the shuttle bank that goes up to the 16th floor. Kudos to the Trump Hotel Team for spending over 450 hours to create this masterpiece! Containing:

446 lbs of flour
5.5 lbs of cinnamon
3.25 lbs of ginger
230 lbs of dark corn syrup
105 lbs of dark brown sugar
90.5 lbs of molasses
98 lbs of butter
50 lbs of chocolate
46 lbs of fondant

What did I think of this? Amazing holiday-themed cab put together with real cookies! The music sounds pretty nice and the overall decorations with the picture of Santa, the stockings, the TV, the fake fire in the fireplace, and the gingerbread-shaped cookie are absolutely gorgeous! Way to go!

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More info on The Gingerbread Express Elevator – Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago, IL

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