Bloody Chicago Video: This is a one-month trek into the neighborhoods of Chicago showing you the good and the bad taking place over the Christmas holiday across the city. There are four major Christmas events taking place in Chicago and I covered all four. I purposefully left the graphic nature of the violence to a minimum because of the Christmas holiday tried to focus more on the good then the bad taking place in Chicago.

Over the month of December in Chicago 200 people were shot 29 were killed and 171 were wounded in shootings, there were 10 additional non-gun related homicides across the city. And there’s still 24 hours left till the new year.

During this holiday season let’s keep in our prayers the nearly 600 murder victims and their families and also the 4 Chicago police officers killed in the line of duty this year, in February Commander Paul R. Bauer was shot and killed chasing a armed suspect in the loop in November Officer Samuel Jimenez was shot and killed in the Mercy hospital incident chasing an armed killer. In December one week before Christmas two Chicago police officers Officer Conrad Gary and officer Eduardo Marmolejo were struck and killed by a train looking for an armed suspect. Never forget These officers lost their lives protecting you.

In 2018 There were 100 fewer homicides and nearly 500 fewer people were shot, over the past two years the shootings and killings have seen a significant decrease. Hoping for the same reductions next year, we’ll see

I hope everybody had a very merry Christmas

I would like to now wish everyone a safe and happy new year…

Maggio News Signing off for the last time in 2018

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