Inside Lollapalooza is a piece created by Alyssa Ortiz, which gives you a glimpse into the multiple perspectives of this famous Chicago music festival. From the touring photographer of The Chainsmokers to a veteran who has attended for over ten years, find out what makes this festival staple a fan favorite globally. You’ll also learn what makes it more than just a music festival and how one of the most prominent stages today came to inception.

Alyssa had the opportunity to chat about Lollapalooza with photographers, musical artists, attendees, and more.

Special thank you to the following people for shedding us insight on Lollapalooza: Dante Deiana, Madi Ellis, Nick Winholt, Shaunda Brooks-Green, Katie Karpowicz, Fallon Ryan, Danilo Lewis, Sam Blank, Brian Salvi, and Agnes Krason.

Watch the Inside Lollapalooza playlist here:

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