Ice Cream Men at Delmark Promotion Stage, Petrillo Music Shell, Chicago Blues Festival, May 28, 1993.
Ice Cream Men:
Drums – Steve Cushing
Guitars – Johnny Burgin and Dave Waldman.
on Harmonica and Vocals – Golden “Big” Wheeler,
on Mandoline and Vocals – Elder statesman of the blues James, Yank Rachell (A bit rusty after more than 70 years !!! in the music business)
on Guitar and Vocals – Jimmie Lee Robinson aka Lonesome Lee.
Master FM recording, From NPR nationwide live broadcast, on WYMS 88.9FM Milwaukee, WI
Golden “Big” Wheeler
01 Hell Bound Man
02 Bone Orchard
03 I Gotta Go
James, Yank Rachell
04 Trouble Everywhere I Go
05 I’ve Got The Blues
Jimmie Lee Robinson
06 Lonely Traveller
07 Twist It Baby

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