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High Priest – Blessed Rain 00:00
Earth Witch – Riff Rider 04:58
Canyyn – Bring Me Down 09:27
Lair of the Minotaur – Let’s Kill These Motherfuckers 16:39
Hypnochron – Eradication of Light 19:20
Dead Feathers – Horse and Sands 27:35
Cokegoat – Buried In The City 33:12
Minsk – Invoke/Revive 37:41
Plague of Carcosa – Hastur 52:03
Beware Of Gods – Nightmare In The Dreaming House 58:21
The Waterfall King – Filth 01:05:15
Illinois has long been a land of variety. Urban, suburban, and rural areas all come together to make up the state – Chicago to the north, Springfield to the south, farms in between. Our long history of agriculture, industry, and innovation has attracted people from all over the world. From the particle accelerator at Fermilabs near Batavia, to the Worlds Fair in 1933, to the first Farm Aid concert outside Champaign, Illinoisians have a strong, storied history to be proud of. Like all states though, we are not without our darker side.

The ghosts of HH Holmes, John Wayne Gacey, and Richard Speck still haunt the land. Legends of the sea serpent of Lake Michigan, the Enfield Horror, and the Wolf Man of Chestnut Mountain lurk in the recesses of our minds. As we graze on our Italian beefs, we can take a moment to reflect upon the natural sense of dread, mystery, and horror that soak our fields, hills, and forests. It is through this, that our locals channel our state’s brand of doom.

That is not to say Illinois only does one kind or style of doom – much like the makeup of our population, ideas and sounds from all over compose our scene. Every artist is shaped by the state. History aside, an Illinois winter is enough to make the most hardened writer feel compelled to make some truly miserable doom metal to cope with the long, grey days. But much like the immigrants and people of various stripes that compose our populace, variety is the key to our scene.

Heavy hitters come from all parts of the state – we have Minsk capturing the desolation of the exurbs through their crushing, post-metal tinged doom. Lair of the Minotaur capture the raw fury often experienced living in a major city with “Let’s Kill These Motherfuckers.” Hypervolume swaggers their way through their track ‘Wicked’ with the effortlessness of a trip on Highway 57 at 3AM. Gamma Goat pair doom and grunge like Chicago pairs giardinara and pizza. Cokegoat offer thick harmonies and searing keyboard leads, a combination more warm and friendly than a Chicago Handshake. Huntsmen, Ladies of Leisure, annd Dead Sun Rising showcase our state’s diversity of sound, blending prog, post, stoner, and doom. Something if offered for heavy fans of all stripes on this compilation, and proves we are much more as a state than just Chicago.

Our next crop is ready for the harvest – come see our bounty with Weedian’s ‘Trip To Illinois.’

Words by Eric Zann (Plague of Carcosa)
released January 3, 2023

#sludge #stoner_doom #compilation

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