Katie Bennet, Nicki Brus and Neile Moriarty sit down with Jeff Gayduk and conduct a virtual site inspection of three different areas of Illinois; Great Rivers and Routes of Southern Illinois, Heritage Corridor, and Quad Cities.

Great Rivers and Routes: Illinois has many diverse attractions along it’s waterways. The Great River Road starts in Hartford, Illinois and is a scenic 30 mile drive, with beautiful coastal views. There is also a Lewis and Clark state historic site and museum in Hartford. In Grafton, you can experience a sky tour in a gondola along with wine tasting, river cruises, zip-ling, and a bmx bike trail.

Heritage Corridor: Being so close to Chicago, Heritage Corridor has a little bit of everything. Along with a lot of metropolis, there is prairie with bison that you can walk the trails, close t route 66, and get some good bird watching in. Starved Rock is also a wonderful hiking area with waterfalls, kayaking, and a lodge with group options. With a rich history, there are many

Quad Cities: In this region, there are many cool attractions with John Deere tractors, historical native american sites, day cruises, glass blowing, seventeen different breweries, and group friendly restaurants like the Riverhouse Bar & Grill.

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