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Top 10 to move to Illinois. Not just Chicago.

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    As my readers know, I recently relocated to Chicago after spending the better part of the past year hopping between various points in the Philippines and the U.S. While I’m not dumb enough to claim that the Windy City is paradise—what with its horrific metro system, wacky weather and war zone-level of bloodshed—my experiences over the past year show that Chicago is amazingly underrated ...

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    CHICAGO ELECTION RESULTS. For the first time in a very long time, Chicago voters went to the polls to vote for Mayor when there was no clear front-runner candidate and in a wide-open race.

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    Chicago, Illinois. Home to some 80 000 Lithuanians, Chicagoland is perhaps the second important center of Lithuanian nation after Lithuania itself and it has been so for well over a century. Between the 1890s and 1930s, there were more Lithuanians in Chicago than in any town or city of their still agricultural former homeland.

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