This is my first full trip on Route 66 and I really enjoyed it! Besides the quirky things along the route, I wanted to see all the towns that were either on the route or were close. For Illinois, I was able to get to 59 of them along the way and only might have missed a couple that were part of St Louis because it was difficult to figure out where to go and it’s all basically St Louis anyways. The first part through Chicago was probably the least exciting but once I got to Joliet, it started being a lot more interesting. Great start to the trip!
MUSIC – all from YouTube free music library
All My Shuffling – Silent Partner
Honey and Milk – The 126ers
Bright Skies – Audio Hertz
Above and Beyond – Silent Partner
Overdrive Ride – Dan Lebowitz
Dirt Road Traveler – Audionautix 2
Meet & Fun! – Ofshane
End of the Rainbow – Quincas Moreira

More info on Route 66 Illinois – Every town along the way – 59 of them!

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