If you’re interested in exploring the American Midwest, head to Illinois. Land of Lincoln, or The Prairie State, is known and adored for many reasons. This Land of Lincoln is home to bustling cities and agricultural land that is mainly rural.
You can also visit small towns full of historical significance, and relax by the shores of Lake Michigan. It’s the home of The Windy City, Abraham Lincoln, and more.
Illinois is blessed with natural wonders to be awed by and offers plenty of attractions for people, who enjoy cities or just traveling. Check out the most stunning locations to visit in Illinois.

00:00 – Illinois beauty
00:57 – Rockford
01:55 – Tunnel Hill State Trail
02:32 – Shawnee National Forest
03:43 – Lincoln Park
04:35 – Lincoln’s New Salem
05:24 – Cahokia Mounds
06:16 – Galena
06:58 – Starved Rock State Park
08:10 – Springfield
09:08 – Chicago

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