Barns are a staple of the Midwestern landscape. The artisans of Sangamon Reclaimed are determined to keep the story of every barn alive. A collective of veterans and firefighters take old barns and turn them into new symbols of the American spirit.

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    With some adjustments made to processing by staff, the Grants Water Filtration Plant was able to handle last week's rare rainstorm that brought high water to the Rogue River.

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    Empty is only the warp of our tapestry, Part of God's pattern, is only the interval, Only the silence that shapes His pale music Remembered, recorded, when drifting from dreams In that sleep-darkened tent where our souls Slake their thirst for the new, for the novel, And the stone still rolls down the million-year cliff From the beginning of dreams, the red heat of the plains, The quest for ...

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