What I would assume comes to most minds upon hearing “Chicago” would be words like “hot dogs”, “deep dish pizza” and “big city”. But to me, I hear “home”. In this project, Prince and I visit my origins. I meet old friends, see my family again, and reunite with my city. Because my cousin was getting hitched, I had the perfect opportunity to ditch the the islands for a while, and enjoy a delightful trip.
Unlike Prince, who was in total culture shock the entire time, I was simply a tourist in my own territory. It was actually quite amusing to hit all of the iconic spots of the city, as though I haven’t already seen them all before. Although, being much older really makes me appreciate my experience. Moments that flew over my head as a child, turned out to be some of the most sentimental aspects of my trip!
Overall, I hope everyone can enjoy a little view of where I am from, and maybe have more insight as to why I am the way I am! As always, please like if you liked it and subscribe if you want to subscribe!
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