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My visit to Cairo, Illinois, was one of the more interesting days I’ve had since I started this channel. I’ve watch several videos about the town and tried to learn about its up and down history, but nothing could prepare me for what I would see when I arrived. First I went to the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, which is just south of Cairo – a very beautful area. Then I headed north into Cairo. There are only 1,733 people live there now, down from over 15,000 during its peak. While there are a few things going on, 90% of the town and buildings are abandoned. Just remarkable. Even though it was kind of sad going all around the town, I’m glad I visited and I hope for the best in Cairo’s future.

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0:00 History of Cairo
4:25 Exploring Cairo
9:53 Historic Downtown Cairo
12:43 My thoughts on Cairo
16:42 Is Cairo a ghost town?

Bring Me Your Sorrows – Dan Lebowitz

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