Widespread Panic
The Chicago Theatre
Chicago, IL

coloartist FOB schoeps ccm41 [matrixed by mp]
sony ax100 3840x2160x30p madpicken
SD card 100mbps ~ Sony Vegas ~ Soundforge h264 ~ youtube by teddydunski
thanks to the photographers who put the hi resolution shots on the google images,
it makes for a nice filler with the missing footage at the beginning.

Set 1 (71 mins)
00:00:00 Sharon [first time sharon’s opened a show since 7/14/86]
00:11:45 Chilly Water
00:16:41 Henry Parsons Died
00:25:41 Chilly Water
00:30:17 Cease Fire
00:39:06 Jamais Vu
00:47:24 Rock
00:56:33 A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
01:04:07 No Sugar Tonight
01:09:13 New Mother Nature

More info on wsp2016 05 05 set1 @ the chicago theater

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