Drummer Jackie Cole is tired of not being in the spotlight. His career change may shock his friends and family, but gives him a chance at stardom.

Produced entirely within 48 hours, with these requirements from the 48 Hour Film Project:
Genre: Mockumentary
Character: Charlotte Greenwich, trainer
Prop: stapler
Line: “That’s one way of doing it.”

Click here to watch other videos about “The Understudy”: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL70591F614F6E86B7

Director: Griffin Hammond
Producer: Erin McCormick
Director of Photography: Kelly Lambert
Editor: Dan Coad
Lighting: Ben Casey Scott

Jerry Akellian
Marla Seidell
Erin McCormick
Mike Hickey
Chris Willumsen

More info on “The Understudy” // a 48 Hour Film Project short (Chicago, 2012)

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