SURPRISE, the horror short, is an experimental proof of practice fully created (conceptualized, written, filmed, directed and edited) in a total of 4 days by yours truly.

if any of you are interested in a ‘behind the scenes’ type video i’d be more than happy to take you all through the process. the work was definitely inspired after having just watched american psycho (2000), directed by mary harron and psycho (1960), directed by alfred hitchcock.

don’t worry all, i’m still faithful to my canon 90d, though having access to a sony fx6 i wanted to try to lock in and create a ‘short film’ type project. though clearly not my style of production, taking a step back from cinematic vlogs taught me a lot about solo-directing, working with a far more powerful camera and how challenging it is to build suspense.

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shot & edited by @styvly

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