Chicago, this is the most awesome thing you will see today! Amazing collection of the earliest motion pictures made in Chicago from 1896-1935.

The film features places such as the stockyards and Michigan Avenue as far back as 1896. It also shows early 20th century clips of Theodore Roosevelt, Al Capone and recently discovered footage of the SS Eastland disaster on the Chicago River in 1915.

There are clips of the Cubs, the Chicago Maroons and Lake Michigan covered in ice.

In addition, the video shows dates and maps showing precisely where the camera was placed.

The producers believe they have also identified the previously unknown location of the oldest surviving footage of the Chicago – a short clip of a police parade in front of a now-demolished building in 1896.

The film was taken outside the Battery D building which stood on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Monroe Street.

The film’s soundtrack features Chicago-style rhythm, blues and jazz, as well as one of the oldest surviving audio recordings made in the city from 1893.

Films featured include:

Lake Michigan 1914-1918
New York & Chicago By Night, Circa 1925
Chicago, No Sound, British Movietone, 1913
The Windy City, Circa 1911, Unknown
Corner Madison And State Streets, Thomas A. Edison, Inc, 1897
Sheep Run Chicago Stockyards, 1897, Thomas A. Edison, Inc.
Cattle Driven To Slaughter, 1897, Thomas A. Edison, Inc.
Armours Electric Trolley, 1897, Thomas A. Edison, Inc.
Laatste bioscoop wereldberichten,, Unknown, 1915
unknown, Circa 1900
Baseball World Series, 1917
1919 World Series excerpt, 1919, British Canadian Pathé News
Chicago Michigan College Football Game, 1903, Thomas A. Edison, Inc.
Grand Roue, 1896, Lumiere
Riots In Chicago, 1922, British Pathé
TR riding in auto, Chicago, 1917
Universal Film Manufacturing Co.
Arabian Gun Twirler, 1899,
Thomas A. Edison, Inc
Elephant Race Through Chicago, Jumbo Stake, 1935, British Movietone, PD
Al Capone Receives 11 Year Jolt, Universal Newspaper Newsreel, 1931
Chauncey Depew, Senator Perkins, and Governor Whitman of New York, at GOP Convention, Chicago, Ill., 1916
Chicago, Défilé de Policemen, 1896, Lumiere


Chicago Skyline at Dusk,
Kendall Rittenour
Chicago, MaxyM
City of Chicago. Aerial view of Chicago
downtown at twilight from high above,
Andrey Bayda
Licensed by Shutterstock
Eastland Postcard, View of Eastland taken from Fire Tug in river, 1915, Max Rigot Selling Company, Chicago


The Door Locks Behind You
Blues Transitions
Swinging Lounge Bar
Dark Ride
Histoire De Toi
Freehand, John Hobart
Life Is Worth Living
King Of The Blues
Under licence from Footage Firm, Inc.
Gamelan 1983 worlds columbian exposition, Gilman, 1893


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