JB Project: Animojikon’s Revenge (22:00)
A John Balz Film. 10/09/21 (c)

Featuring: John Bongmaster Bilgard, John Balz, Julio “Acid King” Sanchez, JJ Sak, Seymore the Fuck You Alien, BBQ Dad, Young Bilgard, Bob Bitchin’, Wong Dong, Kryst, Jerome Tee and Sandy Simon the talking Piece of Shit.
Did I miss anyone? Oh Yeah. Dick Brown.

Short Films Collection Addition
***** Psychedelic Video/Audio Short Film Produced by John Balz *****

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🔈🎤 DEADNATION (official):
Welcome to the official video channel for the Industrial/Metal/Rock band “DEADNATION” (All caps, One word, From Chicago-Land, IL). All music and lyrics were recorded, copyrighted and written by John Balz. All videos were created and edited by John Balz – A.K.A. John Balz Nation.

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DEADNATION BIO: Out of the Chicago IL area, DEADNATION is an Industrial/Metal/Rock Madhouse of all original Super-tunes led by the Madman founder and writer “John Balz”. DEADNATION combines Industrial, Metal, Rock & Trance. JB (John Balz) is the charismatic cult-leader of the infamous “DEADNATION Cult” and is responsible for the 5 DEADNATION Chronicles. John Balz also Founded the JB Project and Released the full “Death Valley Crossroad” Album under the genre Industrial Progressive Rock. DEADNATION is known to cross genres and follow no trends. All studio work (Programs, Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Bullhorn & Samples) for all albums was completed, mastered, and released on January 1st, 2021 by John Balz at LNL Recording Studios in Elgin, IL. Larry Kriz was the studio Engineer.
Current 2021 lineup:
John Balz: guitars, lead vox & programs
JJ Sak: drums
Kryst: bass, bullhorn vox

DEADNATION/JB Project Copyright:
(c) All Audio Tracks for DEADNATION and JB Project have been copyrighted with the “Seal Of The United States Copyright Office” in accordance with Title 17: United States Code.

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