Illinois, Land of Lincoln is a short film produced by Viking Pictures Corporation that recaps the Illinois of Abraham Lincoln and provides an overview the state’s contemporary towns and cities, entertainment, and industries. It opens with a shot of the Capitol Building in Springfield, a statue of Lincoln (00:43), and Lincoln’s log cabin in New Salem (01:38). There are more shots of rural locations in Illinois where Lincoln visited as part of his legal career, as well as shots of the house that Lincoln and Mary Todd purchased (03:42) and of Lincoln’s tomb (05:25). A panoramic view shows rolling farmlands and wooded hills (06:31). The state is famous for its soy bean fields (07:06). A tractor drives through a cornfield (08:04) harvesting corn. People pick red delicious apples in an orchard in southern Illinois (08:30); elsewhere, people harvest grapes and other fruits. Cattle feed at a trough (09:58), and hogs feast on corn (10:10). Minerals are a large resource in Illinois (10:44). The film shows an oil well in a field (11:22), a coal power plant (11:38), and coal from a strip-mining operation being loaded onto trucks (12:04). The film shows residential and commercial buildings, illuminated city streets, and the memorial to the start of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 (13:40). An aerial shot shows Chicago’s city skyline (13:45) and is followed by shots of famous streets and buildings in the city, including museums, parks, and the Brookfield and Lincoln Park zoos (15:05). The film then shows a steel factory (16:30), a cattle yard near a meat-packing plant (16:56), and farmers’ trucks gathering at a market (17:57). The state features a number of first-rate medical centers (18:30) and beautiful churches (19:18). Planes are loaded and unloaded with freight at Midway Airport (20:02). The film then shows footage of a Greyhound bus station (21:47), the Illinois Central Station (22:00), and trains running along train lines through cities and next to waterways. Freight is moved on and off of large ships on a Chicago waterway (22:55). Starved Rock State Park (23:50) is a popular place for recreation. People in Illinois also go boating on Lake Michigan (24:25), attend a baseball game (24:42), and enjoy the Apple Festival (25:20), which features a water fight between fire departments. The film takes viewers to the dams and lochs on the Illinois and Mississippi rivers (26:18). This is followed by footage of Peoria (26:43), Rockford, East St. Louis, Springfield, Decatur, Evanston, and Galena. In Champaign-Urbana, fans pack the football stadium and cheer on the University of Illinois football team (29:19). The Illinois State Fair in Springfield (29:57) is one of the three largest in the country. The film shows the racetrack and grandstands, a livestock competition, and the carnival rides lit up at night. The film concludes with a montage of shots of rural Illinois, farms, and other famous sites in the state shown throughout the film.

The Viking Pictures Corporation was in operation in the 1940s with its headquarters at 1415 Howard Street in Chicago, Illinois. It was presided over by Sullivan C. Richardson and Arnold Whitaker and made industrial, documentary, travel, educational, animation, TV and sales training films.

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