ELEMENTS: A dance film based on the five elements of nature: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Ether.
Filmed on location in Chicago, IL

Orb as AIR
Romero as ETHER
Doc Sach as WATER
Andrew Coleman as EARTH
Isaiah Johnson as FIRE
Music by Noetik the Alchemist “Old Tree”, “Origin of Drum”
Evgeny Teilor “Floating Mind”
Ocean Jams “Case Closed”
Drake Stafford “Nonconceptual”
Anchor Hill “Jungle Heat”
Shanae Mosely & Orb Box “Bad Bitch Queen Goddess”
Aprebu “Red Hot”
Poetry by Breael
Directed by Carolyn Castillo
Production Barbra Raufmann

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More info on ELEMENTS Short Film 2019 (Official Movie)

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