I wanted to make a video about COVID without getting too personal. But that’s impossible, I guess. I keep seeing COVID instagram captions during this “social distancing” and I’m not sure how I feel. Part of me wants to laugh while the other part is unsure. Sad, even. I want to make a disclaimer that I am a COLLEGE STUDENT with no expertise. These are just my two cents.
At first, all I could think about was how weirdly normal it felt after receiving the news. When I heard everything was cancelled, I cried for the first day. I felt guilty, and felt selfish. Then I decided to be active. COVID is a problem that is affecting everyone in some capacity, but it also hurts people who have compromised immune systems and older people significantly more. There is a lot of misinformation out there, so please be careful when watching the news. There’s a lot of partisanship involved and hysteria, but also it’s hard to know what the “truth” is. I’m irritated by people who think they are COVID experts. As someone with a science background, I am skeptical of the media coverage. Sometimes COVID experts with PhD’s in BMB aren’t COVID experts, so I get a little irked. Restaurants in IL have shut down, but take out exists– no worries? The world seems so frivolous at times, y’know? Yes it sucks to be trapped inside, but it’s a small sacrifice for the larger good?? It began with China and Italy, but now the UK is closing its borders… and soon, Mexico is restricting travel from the US… and maybe the US will restrict travel within the US…. it can be scary, but I think it’s best to be safe rather than sorry.
There are homeless shelters being torn apart right now — which is atrocious because the virus primarily affects those who travel. People dying and trapped in countries, and it’s terrible. Currently the rate is 2% which is still quite low, and there is a high recovery rate. I hope that the world’s prevention techniques will help the world; by NOT traveling, it helps minimize the COVID spread. Wash your hands like the WHO guide (linked below). Cough into your elbow. Be kind.
COVID is also really scary for college students without a place to go. While many people can just go home, international students often cannot just “fly back home” because of the pandemic or because of cost issues. Some people do not have access to the online classes because they have no Internet. Furthermore, people (like me) who have a strained relationship with their family also find themselves without a place to go. Groceries become iffy. Losing your job sucks. Financial aid. Health care workers have increased contact with COV-ID. It’s all up in the air. It sucks. A lot of the issues I’m facing are also faced by other people, but so far it seems that it’ll be okay. I haven’t had the toilet paper problem yet, so I’m thanking my lucky stars. I am grateful for my friends. I made this video out of sorrow. All of our hard work was cancelled. One of my friends told me that that hard work cannot be taken away, and it really helped me reframe (Thank you Adriana). I thank my friends for all the kind wishes and comments.
After my friend and I were treated terribly at a different grocery store because we were Asian. This video reminded me to be proud to be Korean-American. My friends here are Japanese. We were speaking in our different tongues, and being in H-mart reminded me to be proud, especially in the face of adversity. Fuck you, Corona.
As a creator, it’s exhausting to create in the face of disaster and pain, and sometimes I just want to sit in it for a bit. Therefore, this video doesn’t really have words in it as my voice is tired (I yelled). I made this video after a lot of bad things happened and I channeled the feelings of uncertainty/fear and turned them into happiness. My friends really helped lighten the load on my heart. My wallet also got lighter but I am glad I got to support the local Asian businesses 🙂
For future tourists, I recommend Stans Donuts over Nutella Cafe, and highly recommend Happy Lamb and the little shops in China town.

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