Video by – Studies show that it takes less than two-tenths of a second for a web visitor to form their first impression of a site. Does your online appearance impress in milliseconds or are your users scrambling for the back button after seeing your presentation? If your online look isn’t exactly eye candy, it might be time to upgrade to a custom website. In this day and age, there are multiple options for revamping your online presentation. One option is for the do-it-yourselfers, where they can modify a template. Unfortunately, this option can be very frustrating for the user as manipulating outlines can be very time intensive and often doesn’t yield the customized results they anticipate. A more popular option that lots of Chicago, Illinois business owners are taking advantage of is custom design meetings with a professional design company such as i4 solutions. i4 solutions offers in-person sessions as well as phone conference/screen share meetings where the client can watch the creation of their online presentation right before their eyes. During these meetings, business owners can give their feedback on each element of their custom site, ensuring they get exactly what they are envisioning. To learn more about how i4 solutions can turn your design dreams into a reality, visit

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