Garfield Produce Vlog: Episode 13

In today’s episode we take a trip to home depot before exposing you to the hardships of east Garfield Park while bringing you into yet another meeting with a potential partner and funding source.

In our video blog we bring you into our production facility and business based in the East Garfield Park neighborhood on Chicago’s Westside. Garfield Park is one of the top 5 neighborhoods in Chicago with high crime rates, gun violence, and poverty. It is also the birthplace of our General Manger & your host, Darius Jones, who as a teen faced charges for gun crimes before changing his life for the better. On our channel expect to learn about the crops we are growing and how to grow them, the build of our production facility, what its like managing a grow room, and all the while bringing you into the lives of entrepreneurs looking to better the economic opportunities for those living in a low income neighborhood while building our business for the future.

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Customers & Supporters:

Inspired Catering & Events: Restaurant & Catering Service

Inspiration Kitchens: Restaurant & Catering Service

Jewell Events Catering: Catering Service

Benefit Chicago: Funding source/Initiative

US Foods: Distributor & Supporter

Breakthrough Urban Ministries: Supporter & Partner

Whole Foods: Retailer & Supporter


Crop King: Channels/Rails & Hydroponic Equipment

Uline: Tanks, Tools & Facility Equipment

REB Storage Systems: racking/shelving

Hort Americas: Hydroponic Support Services

Johnny’s Seeds: Seeds & agriculture equipment

Todd’s Seeds:

Growers Supply: Agriculture supplies & tools;gs_growing_supplies.html

G.E: Horticulture Lights

The Home Depot: Tools & Equipment

REDF: Funding Source

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