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Have you participated in the Great Resignation? Are you looking for better companies to work for? Those that will offer you value for your worth and career development? Don’t worry, we at Nex-Gen Real Estate have you covered.

Chicago is one of the most sought-after cities for job seekers. While it is severely congested and expensive, there are lots of job opportunities here. The city is a hub of competitive businesses in many industries.

If you’re in the job search, you’re in luck! The job market is ripe and competitive, but it’s more of a jobseeker’s market. There are so many companies and opportunities to pursue. It can get overwhelming pretty quickly as you look from one job post to another. But don’t fret. I will guide you through the best companies to apply and work for in Chicago. This video will help you make the right call for your career.

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Here’s our list of The 10 BEST Companies To Work For In Chicago Illinois

00:00 Intro
01:49 Chicago Illinois Largest Employers
03:03 Salesforce Chicago HQ
03:35 KPMG Financial Analysis In Chicago Illinois
04:07 Ernest & Young Chicago Illinois Office
04:56 Discover Financial Services In Chicago Illinois
06:00 Allstate In Chicago Illinois Insurance
06:46 Walgreens Retail Chicago Illinois
07:24 Deloitte in Chicago Illinois
07:59 Accenture Chicago Illinois HQ
08:56 Abbvie In Chicago Illinois

According to World Business Chicago, the Windy City is home to more than 400 major corporate headquarters, including 31 Fortune 500 HQs, 300 corporate R&D facilities, and ranked #2 North American City for International HQs. So this is one of the best places to do your job search.

If you want higher pay and benefits with a dynamic work environment, I highly recommend you check out some of these corporations.

We assessed companies based on the following factors: career growth, advancement prospects, personal development, company stability, social responsibility, and workplace diversity.

Here are the best employers in Chicago (descending order): Salesforce, KPMG, EY, Discover Financial Services, Allstate, Walgreens, Deloitte, Accenture, Abbott and AbbVie.

Chicago hosts a booming job market. Take advantage of the varied opportunities here by choosing to apply and work for a company that celebrates diversity, innovation and giving back to the community.

Are you thinking of finding a new job? Which of these top employers in Chicago interest you?

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The 10 BEST Companies To Work For In Chicago Illinois

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