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As some of you have enjoyed my other videos, the Rise and Fall of New York City, and the Rise and Fall of Philadelphia, I thought we’d delve into a new city. Today, we go to Chicago. When’s the last time you’ve been there? The name brings to mind taking selfies in front of the Bean, properly known as Chicago Gate, falling into a food coma with the deep dish pizza native to the Midwestern city, but famous throughout the US (Yummy!), or simply window shopping along the Magnificent Mile, Chicago’s equivalent of Fifth Avenue. As of 2018, Chicago is also the second most visited city in the country with 54.1 million visitors, ahead of Atlanta, Georgia at 51 million visitors, and Orange County, California at 48 million visitors. That’s an impressive achievement.

But for anyone who digs a little bit deeper, Chicago’s undeniable appeal to visitors isn’t enough to hide it’s decline as a safe and economically-sound American city. Chicago might still be the cultural capital of the Midwest, but it’s undeniable that the city has changed for the worse—and possibly forever, especially due to the impact of COVID-19. Economic stagnation. Fewer jobs. Rising crime. Chicago seems to have it “all” in all the wrong places.

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02:17 Chicago’s Claim to Fame
04:02 COVID-19’s Financial Impact on Chicago
08:34 Rioting, Violence and Civil Unrest During COVID-19
12:12 Post-COVID and the Future of Chicago

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