In this video, I showed How to Start & Create an LLC & EIN in Illinois in 2023 with full Illinois State LLC Setup, formation & requirements process online.

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Entrepreneurs can take advantage of numerous business incentives, tax credits and tax exemptions in Illinois. One such incentive is the Economic Development for a Growing Economy Tax Credit Program (EDGE). This program provides annual tax credits to qualifying businesses that support capital investment and job creation, and have a positive effect on Illinois residents’ standard of living.

The state also provides grants and loans to help businesses buy necessities such as machinery, equipment and land, provided the business will benefit the community.

For most people, the fastest and easiest way to start a business in Illinois is by creating an Illinois limited liability company (LLC), a type of business entity ideal for startups and small- to medium-sized businesses. An LLC offers many of the advantages and protections of larger Illinois corporations, but with much simpler rules and regulations.

In this video, you’ll find information on naming your LLC, how to get a Registered Agent, the fees you’ll need to pay, how to navigate Illinois business taxes and much more. We’ll also explain what you’ll need to register and file your LLC, and how you’ll interact with the Illinois Secretary of State.

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