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Express Oil and Tire Engineers is now a powerful business franchise combination here in Chicago, Illinois.

Rarely in American business, does something so new come along, that it has the potential to change an entire established industry.

Today, that rare occurrence is taking root, as two superior brands have joined together to combine under one roof, the most frequently performed services in the auto repair and maintenance industry, that of quick oil change and general tire services, along with full auto repair.

Announcing the co-branding of Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers brands, together for the first time, and now available as a franchise opportunity.

Together, the two brands have been in business for over 95 years, and are now in a large and growing number of stores from the East Coast all the way to Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona.

Unique in the industry, Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers stores are able to provide a highly convenient one stop shop for all of their busy customer’s auto maintenance needs.

Express Oil Change and Tire Engineer stores feature a quick oil change that only takes 10 minutes while the customer relaxes in his or her car. No need to take the kids out of the car seats at Express Oil Change.

Customers can select from a wide range of top national tire brands to ensure their tires are safe, and services such as tire rotations to be sure they are well maintained.

In addition, certified mechanics provide full service auto repair such as brakes, shocks, tune ups, and air conditioning.

To learn more about the best business model in the auto repair and maintenance industry, come visit us at and find out why an automotive service franchise offers business model advantages right here in Chicago, Illinois.

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