Chicago’s Trappers & Smugglers: The Streets vs Big Business (Documentary)

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00:00 Introduction to the Chicago Illinois Documentary on the trappers and smugglers of Chicago A Trap Tree Series x High Design History Episode by Youtuber “LMC”
01:02 Chicago’s O’hare airport
01:35 The Juice Wrld Tragedy and the (private jet) plane being used to smuggle into Chicago, Illinois
03:21 Chicago’s Street prices for Flower and Chicago’s prices for Legal Flower
04:08 How the streets have affected the legal market in Chicago Illinois
05:09 Large Companies and price manipulation in Chicago Illinois
06:00 The pop-up shops in Chicago Illinois
07:00 The flower being smuggled into Chicago Illinois history in 2010
08:39 The problem with Chicago’s newly legalized flower industry
09:41 The arrests of folks having legal on them?
10:24 The 4th Ward in Chicago Illinois
10:57 The problem with Social Equity licenses in Chicago Illinois
11:50 The Black Panthers in Chicago Illinois
12:46 Jeff F. and the History of Chicago Illinois
14:49 The disorganization of groups in Chicago Illinois
15:40 The problem with Chicago Illinois Plant Social Equity Licenses
16:39 The Social Equity Application Problems and KPMG
18:49 Chicago and Powerful Families in Chicago Illinois
19:51 The insanely high pricing of flower in Chicago Illinois
20:49 The Sozo Lawsuit in Chicago Illinois regarding social equity licensing
22:28 Is the legal market in Chicago Illinois designed to fail for Social equity applicants
24:05 Chicago’s first black-owned shop finally opens for business in 2023
25:14 The major problems with Chicago’s newly legalized industry
26:08 Entrepreneurs need to use the streets in Chicago Illinois to build their brand
26:48 Conclusion to the Chicago Documentary (High Design History x Trap Tree video created by Youtuber “LMC” )

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